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Mount Obama Climb Tour

Mount Obama Climb Tour

Share exciting Dinner conversations when you tell of the time you Conquered Antigua's highest point. On this tour take a scenic bike ride to the top of our world, “Mount Obama”, Antigua's highest peak formally "Boggy peak” renamed in honor of 44th US president, Barack Obama.

Pedal only if you choose, on your journey to the summit, and don't worry, we will keep your secret. We won't tell anyone you used easy to ride, fat tire electric bikes for your bold and daring accomplishment.

Once we soak up the 360 views of the entire island visible on the summit of Mount Obama, we will then make our journey through Antigua's natural rain forest, named ‘Fig Tree Drive’. If we are lucky, we can stop at one of our local food habitats for some taste testing of local fruits and vegetables.

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