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Historic City & Beach Tour

Historic City & Beach Tour

Easily our most popular and convenient tour experience. On our historic City and Beach tour excursion you’ll enjoy a guided interactive tour, summarizing Antigua's complete history and culture.

Your easy to ride, fat tire electric beach cruiser will be waiting for you when you arrive at port. From there we will survey the immediate City's architecture. We will survey the national museum; the historic house for colonial governors; a historic cathedral built on the dome of a dormant volcano during the 1800s; international cricket and carnival stadium where many world records were born; and last but not least, well preserved historical fort ruins. Test out the large cannons once used to protect the harbors if you can get them to work.

After experiencing this compact history journey we take an intimate ride along Antigua's northern coast white sand beaches. There, you can take a dip with the quiet waves and enjoy some grilled local delicacies prepared to your liking on the beach.

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